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Last time, we talked about the idea that, despite how much we romanticize the notion, none of us are really self-made.  If we’ve made anything of our life, it’s largely due to the help we’ve received from others along the way.  We’ve talked, specifically, about two types of helpers we need to invite into our lives – Experts and Challengers.  Remember, Experts are people working and living out a dream similar to your dream. While Challengers are the ones who typically tell it like it is. Click here to read our last blog about Experts and Challengers.

Now that you know what Challengers and Experts are, what is the real importance of inviting these key relationships into your life?  What can you really hope to see in your life as a result?  Let’s begin to answer these questions now.

3 Benefits of Inviting Challengers and Experts into Your Life:

  1. New Thinking. You’re a good thinker.  After all, the way you think has gotten you this far.  But, will it get you all the way to where you want to be? Truthfully, if you’re stuck in your own thoughts, it is likely to lead you into a corner or to a plateau; neither of which resemble your dreams.  Remember, Experts are people who are ahead of you.  They are where you want to be.  How valuable would it be to have them introduce their thought process to you?  On the other hand, Challengers are going to question your tried and true thought process.  If you’ve fallen into some pretty ineffective thought patterns, Challengers will ferret them out in a hurry.  Will it sting a little?    Will that sting be worth the new thought processes that form?  Absolutely.
  2. Time Savings. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If it sounds familiar, that’s because it’s true and somebody told you this to save you time. Experts have already invented the wheel or at least some form of it.  Why try and build your dream from the ground up when you can take an existing blueprint from your Experts and modify it to fit your personality, gifts, and aspirations.  This is how Experts can save you a lot of time.  Challengers can save you time by stopping a bad idea dead in its tracks.  Have you ever gotten lost inside your own thoughts and developed what you thought was a great idea, only to find out that it wasn’t so great once it left your head?  Running that idea by a Challenger first may expose it before you put all your time and effort into fully developing it.  You don’t have to bring every idea to completion to know if it’s worth the effort.
  3. Skipping Mediocrity. We are all guilty.  From time to time, we all think our own ideas are way better than they really are.  Think you have a great idea?  Compare it to the ideas of an Expert.  If it passes the test, you may have something.  If it looks mediocre in comparison, you know it’s back to the drawing board and you’ve been given a gift.  Ask a Challenger to give you some honest feedback about your latest, greatest idea.  They will, and you’ll have some great direction to improve and make your idea truly great.  Too many of us bring mediocre ideas to market because we’ve not had them properly vetted by the right people.  Bring true excellence by leveraging the Experts and Challengers in your life.

Sometimes we call these Experts and Challengers “helpers” because they really are.  If you hate the sting of realizing your ideas, maybe even your dreams, may not be as excellent or well thought out as you had hoped, this doesn’t feel much like help to you. But it is truly helpful.  If you can learn a new way of thinking, save valuable time, and skip mediocrity, you’ve been helped almost immeasurably.  The only thing that’s keeping you from getting to a higher level is you’ve not yet made the ask.  Make the ask!  Don’t know where to start?  We are here to help you discover and establish some of these crucial relationships in your life.  Just click here to begin the journey.