320 Coach exists to help you DREAM and get the right people in place to see your vision turn into reality. God has given each of us incredible gifts and talents to accomplish and pursue great feats beyond our comprehension. It takes hard work and consistent effort on our part to see those dreams come to life.

We are here as a bridge to help you make the vision become a reality. You can do this, but you can’t make it happen on your own. It takes great effort and lots of asking to see your vision become a reality.

320 Coach breaks down into three components:


IMAGINE helps you rediscover the “IT” that God has in store uniquely for you.


In the ASK component, you learn to recognize who it is that can help your vision gain traction


LIVE IT OUT is where you see your vision take flight with an action plan from our resource team followed by implementation

We are not a one-stop shop that wishes you well into the life you have always wanted. 320 Coach is here to help in whatever stage you may find yourself. In life, we continually cycle through different themes and obstacles we have to overcome to see our visions lived out.

Consider us a coaching partner you can come back to at any point to reevaluate and re-calibrate for the next stage of life.

Jim Moss

I’ve had an incredible passion to be a coach since my early twenties. It’s been a part of my thinking and life since I was a young man growing up highly involved in competitive sports. I get energized by tackling difficult tasks and am somewhat addicted to winning and seeing my clients win at life. Helping others take a step toward their dream is the highlight and ultimate fulfillment of my life. I can’t wait to help the next individual begin thriving in all that God has created him or her to do.

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