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The self-made man. The self-made woman.  It’s an unique American concept that many of us find to be alluring in some way.  We imagine starting from zero and becoming something great, making a difference in this world, all on our own.  It sounds good, but the simple truth is that it’s an absolute myth.  There are no self-made people out there. None of us are self-made. True, there are some out there who proclaim to be self-made, but if you examine their story closely, you’ll find that they are either too proud or unaware of the help they received along the way from key people in their lives.  Whether or not it fits the story we like to tell, anyone who has followed a dream to completion has had people who have helped along the way.

If you’re going to get to the dream that’s currently living in your heart and mind, you’re going to have to do more than just imagine it.  You’re going to have to ask people to help in order to live it out.  This is where many of us get stuck.  We believe it’s a good thing to be self-made and it causes us to retreat from the very people who could help us the most.  This all boils down to humility and teachability.  Simply put, humility is lowering your guard and inviting the opinions and expertise of others into your life. And teachability is being willing to re-learn the things you thought you already knew.  There are several different types of people you will need in your life to see your dream become a reality.  Today we’re talking about just two of them.  Experts and Challengers.

Experts.  These are people working and living out a dream similar to your dream.  We all need models and mentors and you may need to do some research to find who some of these Experts are.  Remember, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  Most of us will need to see and even learn a model before we can adapt it.  As you begin to research who some of these Experts are, reach out to them and see how you can learn from afar and even up close.  You may be surprised at how accessible some people will be if you just ask. Look for Experts and then lean into the relationships with those you feel you click with best.

Challengers.  These are the ones who typically tell it like it is.  They are very direct and straight-forward.  We all need these people who will challenge and push us to reach higher and get better.  They will challenge you both by the example of their lives and by the words they speak.  They may not know much about your dream, but they are for you and could play this role if asked.  Be aware though, you may feel threatened by these people.  You’ll need some thick skin to gain the valuable perspective a Challenger will bring to you.

Think about what could block these people from coming into your life? And remember, if you’re going to grow beyond your current limitations, you’re going to have to get vulnerable and invite these Experts and Challengers into your life.  Don’t know where to start?  We are here to help you discover and establish some of these crucial relationships in your life.  Just click here to begin the journey.  Let’s get started today!